Hello, I'm Raunak

A Digital Product Designer and Visual Designer based in New York. I focus on crafting stories by building meaningful connections between humans and technology.

Currently, I'm working as a User Experience Designer at Pratt Institute.

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Live Websites

Pratt News provides information, ideas, stories, and updates from the Pratt Institute.

Yieldspace is a real estate investment digital platform offering verified asset backed opportunities.

Raw Pressery is a clean-label beverage brand that delivers cold-press juices, smoothies, soups, and nut milk.

Sonata SF watches are the most prominent selling watch brand in India, appealing to India's young women and men.

Hobby Ideas provide users with the latest content in the sphere of art and craft and give them a platform to share their creations with the world.


Desktop screen displaying the Pratt News website.

Enhancing the user experience and user interface of the news website for Pratt Institute and making the website responsive across all devices.

Three watch screens displaying different sections of Rooh app

Developing a physical object and an interface that encourages people to share their true feelings with their loved ones.

Desktop screen displaying the homepage for Monterey Bay Aquarium

Designing a welcome back user flow to help customers feel safe returning to the aquarium and improving their purchasing tickets experience.

Earth surrounded by colorful dots

Building a cohesive and in-depth data visualization that informs the viewers about all the information related to space missions from 1957 to 2020.

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Two-Minute Ideas

Two-minute ideas is an unfiltered, crazy, stupid, and casual collection of thoughts I get at the most random hour of the day or night. These ideas may not be entirely original, and there might be other ideas similar to those here. But the point is to inspire and get inspired!

Perfect to watch

There are so many shows/movies on Netflix to watch, which becomes hard to decide while having your meal. By the time a viewer chooses what to watch, there is no food left on the plate. Such an endless browsing experience! What if a website will pick up shows/movies from Netflix based on what the viewer is eating. I also created a brief pitch for this project. View the project pitch!

Getting the accurate ETA

We all know that no two humans are precisely similar. It made me think that our step length might also vary as per our height. That means individuals with shorter step lengths will take more time to reach a destination than individuals with longer step lengths. Why don't all the map apps consider an individual's height and step length while calculating the ETA by walk? This function could be helpful to get the exact ETA to reach a destination by walk.

Self-care during the period of pandemic

It was in December 2019 when the world got its first COVID-19 case. Since then, it has recorded 100,000,000 + cases, with some 4,000,000 + deaths. It took quite a long time for people to adjust to the new normal. This pandemic also made people go inward rather than outward, and it allowed us to be caring for others by starting with ourselves. Understand the meaning of self-care during the pandemic.