While working with The Spark Farm studios, I got the opportunity to build branding and strategy design for a design studio named ‘11Parsec’. The value that 11Parsec follows is to make the corporate design exciting and bring back the art in format.

The client is a super space enthusiast and a hardcore Star Wars fan. He needed the whole visual language and branding done in the space theme. He required the brand to stand out from others and also to reflect his personality.

Project Details


Individual Project

My role


Tools used

Adobe Photoshop,
Adobe Illustrator,
Adobe InDesign,
Adobe After Effects


January, 2019 to May, 2019

Logo of 11Parsec

Project Brief

The client had this idea to open up a new studio to collaborate with other designers, artists, musicians, etc. They wanted to work with clients and designers who are not afraid to experiment. 11Parsec as a studio wants to leave a mark in this world, and this was their opportunity. The main motto for this ‘new studio’ was to provide quality work over quantity.

The aim was to -

To create a brand identity with consistent design elements that reflect the style and voice of the brand across all platforms.

About The Studio

This studio is a branding and design consultancy firm in Bangalore. They focus on working with clients who are not afraid to experiment with their business. They always aim to offer exciting experiences, the best content, trend-setting visuals, and user-centered designs created and guided by professionals. The work not only stops at the visuals, but they also help out individuals and organizations with a business sense and strategy to set out to connect people with what matters the most - the experience.


Their mission is to spark the creative fire from one to everyone.


They have a vision of breaking the stereotypical mold of design and come up with something new every time.


People here are not afraid of taking risks, and they do everything with conviction, reflecting their core values - Bold, honest, diversity, trust, and teamwork.

A man walking on stairs in front of a wall with graffiti on it

Visual Language

When it came to brand development, I started with a mind map of words that the client wanted to associate with the brand.

Later, I started brainstorming and creating mood boards around each topic and branching off into more and more detail.

The four central values selected to represent the brand identity were -
  • Retro
  • Dynamic
  • Movement
  • Sci-Fi
Collage of different visual design language

Final Design

This project allowed me to work on several collaterals, including stationery, social media post, logo animation, giveaways, and illustrations for the website.

Click here to check the brand manual.

The purpose was to -
Achieve consistent visual language throughout all the collateral.
Animated gif of the logo 11Parsec
Basic stationery of 11Parsec, showcasing envelope, business card, and letterhead
Logo of 11Parsec with spaceships and planets stickers

Take-Aways and Next Steps

Practicing visual design in college and working on a live project are poles apart. With this project, I understood the value of collaterals and how they can be helpful to build a brand. Working individually on this project helped me gain expertise in every sector of the branding system, from layout, illustrations, collaterals to motion graphics.

Being relative and unique would be the biggest challenge for 11Parsec in the future. As a possible next step, 11Parsec can consider developing this brand to an even more micro level and expanding the business. However, I also believe that the brand manual created for the 11Parsec would definitely guide them in the future and yet hold tight to their roots.

11Parsec logo on a glass window

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