Desktop screen displaying the Pratt News website.

Enhancing the user experience and user interface of the news website for Pratt Institute and making the website responsive across all devices.

Three watch screens displaying different sections of Rooh app

Developing a physical object and an interface that encourages people to share their true feelings with their loved ones.

Desktop screen displaying the homepage for Monterey Bay Aquarium

Designing a welcome back user flow to help customers feel safe returning to the aquarium and improving their purchasing tickets experience.

Earth surrounded by colorful dots

Building a cohesive and in-depth data visualization that informs the viewers about all the information related to space missions from 1957 to 2020.

Mobile screen displaying the map for Monterey Bay Aquarium

Extending the functionality of Mural Map of Canada to mobile devices and suggesting recommendations to improve the website's user-friendliness.

Desktop screen displaying the events page for

Expanding the functionality of to allow the user to interact with events and browse events relevant to them more engagingly.

Laptop screen displaying the homepage for Yieldspace

Forming a visual style and user interface design for one of the leading real estate investment digital platforms called Yieldspace.

Animated gif of the logo 11Parsec

Building the Brand identity for a design studio named ‘11Parsec’ and providing various collaterals and a brand manual.

Characters of the movie surrounding a laptop displaying the landing page for movie 'Inside Out'

Creating a single-page website for the movie 'Inside Out' and capturing the whole essence of the film on the web screen.