Yieldspace is one of its kind real estate investment platform designed for modern investors. It boasts of bringing the accuracy of the information and unparalleled customer satisfaction to make real estate investing easy and efficient.

As I worked with The Sparks Farm studios, I got the opportunity to work on this project. This project was about developing a visual style and user interface design for Yieldspace.

Project Details


Piasi Sinha,
Subhadeep Das,
Tarun Cherian,
Vali Mao,
Raunak Jangid

My role

User Interface Design,
Visual Design

Tools used

Adobe Photoshop,
Adobe XD


January, 2019 to May, 2019

Three laptop screens displaying different sections of the Yieldspace website

Project Brief

Since this was a team project, each one of us got a part to complete. My teammates completed the tasks such as Defining the Problem, User Research, Content Writing, and Wireframes. At the same time, I got the opportunity to work on User Interface Design and Visual Design.

The aim was to -

Set the visual language in order with the target audience and the client.

Two individuals having a conversation while looking at a piece of report paper

Final Design

After many client meetings and feedback, the final designs were ready to be implemented. With this final design, the website stands apart from its competitors, and it also gives a modern approach to an information-heavy website.

The aim was to -

Avoid the traditional way of real estate websites and stand out from its competitors.

Final design for the products page of Yieldspace

Data and design

Yieldspace also deals with a lot of data and information. With these data and information, the users are made aware of the current market scenario of real rstate in India and also what would be the suitable future.

To keep the website attractive, we have used a distinct way for all the information provided through data. These design seamlessly provides information without making things complicated for everyday users.

Data visualization for Yieldspace
Data visualization for Yieldspace

Take-Aways and Next Steps

Even though it was a team project, I was allowed to help my teammates with their tasks. Real estate investment is a very niche market in India, and we aimed to go beyond that target audience. With this project, we wanted to welcome individuals from varied age groups to real estate market. Hence, Yieldspace advances a modern approach to attract more individuals. This way, it reaches a broader audience and sets a voice of its own in the market.

Since the launch of Yieldspace, many of its competitors address the Indian market with the same concept. For the future of Yieldspace, we can think of what genuinely makes Yieldspace stand out from its competitors and how Yieldspace should not forget the voice of its own in the crowd. Maybe expanding the business model and coming up with a customer-centered application would help Yieldspace hold on to its users and provide more functionality.

Three laptop screens displaying different sections of the Yieldspace website

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