Two-Minute Ideas

Two-minute ideas is an unfiltered, crazy, stupid, and casual collection of thoughts I get at the most random hour of the day or night. These ideas may not be entirely original, and there might be other ideas similar to those here. But the point is to inspire and get inspired!

Airbnb Extreme

We have all seen how Airbnb has expanded and how they provide experiences these days. There's a slight chance that Airbnb can take it to the next level soon with 'Airbnb Extreme.' Airbnb Extreme could be the next thing where you could experience stays at extreme places, such as Mount Everest, International Space Station, or The Mariana Trench. We all live for the experience, and something like this could enhance the way we stay!

Chatbot for a dating app

We see chatbots everywhere around us, from multinational banks to small-scale businesses. We are witnessing the rise of conversation UX design. But have you ever wondered about a chatbot for a dating app? This brief presentation will inform you about the chatbot and its goals, personality, tone, and behavior for a dating app. To know more, view the detailed presentation about a chatbot for a dating app.

Self-care during the period of pandemic

It was in December 2019 when the world got its first COVID-19 case. Since then, it has recorded 100,000,000 + cases, with some 4,000,000 + deaths. It took quite a long time for people to adjust to the new normal. This pandemic also made people go inward rather than outward, and it allowed us to be caring for others by starting with ourselves. Understand the meaning of self-care during the pandemic.

Perfect to watch

There are so many shows/movies on Netflix to watch, which becomes hard to decide while having your meal. By the time a viewer chooses what to watch, there is no food left on the plate. Such an endless browsing experience! What if a website will pick up shows/movies from Netflix based on what the viewer is eating. I also created a brief pitch for this project. View the project pitch!

Getting the accurate ETA

We all know that no two humans are precisely similar. It made me think that our step length might also vary as per our height. That means individuals with shorter step lengths will take more time to reach a destination than individuals with longer step lengths. Why don't all the map apps consider an individual's height and step length while calculating the ETA by walk? This function could be helpful to get the exact ETA to reach a destination by walk.